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Read Ligado Networks Statements on Unanimous FCC Approval of Company’s Applications to Deploy Terrestrial L-Band Network >

America’s industrial enterprises, consumers, and the wireless industry are excited for 40 MHz of mid-band spectrum to come online to speed up 5G deployment significantly and ensure America’s global leadership.

Nokia and Ericsson, among the world’s largest wireless networking equipment providers, agree this spectrum can play an important role in America’s 5G future. Unfortunately, utilization of the spectrum for 5G is in jeopardy because competitors and DC special interests continue to resist change and oppose Ligado becoming a competitive, new entrant in the rapidly growing industrial IoT market. Vague threats of impending disaster are simply fear tactics and deception, designed to delay the FCC’s approval of Ligado’s spectrum for competitive gain.

Ligado’s operations protect GPS, enable the expedited deployment of 5G, and will serve America’s critical industries, improving the lives of consumers in urban and rural areas across the country and strengthening America’s economic and national security.

Why 1 dB is unprecedented, unnecessary, and would undermine the ability to promote the efficient use of spectrum

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